Yukon ( 育空地区 ) is a very nice and polite child like her father Canada. Also like her father, she's barely noticed or is mistaken for someone else. Yukon has many siblings like America (Uncle), Canada (Father), and France (Grandfather). Yukon always trys to look for a way that people will notice her and her father.

[x 60px]


Allisa Matthews (Human name)

    Yukon (Country name)




Blonde, long, and wavy

Eye color:



Mostly dresses


April 22 (Completely random date)


Spending time with Canada and America, lots of other stuff


FRANCE (even though he's her grandfather)

Yukon is happy most of the time unless someone trys to get her mad. She can be very high tempered but is a bit weak. She also loves music, and can play the piano. Austria enjoys the music, but doesn't know who is playing it.

Yukon trys her best to get noticed, so she usually wears something that pops out. Yukon loves her father and her uncle very much, but isn't very fond of her grandfather. She sometimes goes to world meetings with everyone else, but like her father, she is barely noticed.

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