World Academy W's Dance Club


Tris Prior

No. of Members






Competition name

Danger Zone

World Academy W's Dance club, also known as Danger Zone,is a dance troupe/club founded in 2008 by Tris Prior.They were given such a name after Tris noticed Philippines ,South Korea and England having a dance competition outside the schoolyard,and witnessed how pretty lethal they are on the dancefloor.They are the largest compteting school dance club ever.


By far they have 20 members (10 boys ,10 girls)

Male Members
Name Known Dance Moves
England (Arthur Kirkland) B-Boy
South Korea (Im Yong Soo) Lyrical,B-Boy
U.S.A (Alfred Jones) B-Boy
Russia (Ivan Branginsky) Vogue,B-Boy
Australia (Jed Kirkland) Shuffling
Denmark (Mathias Kholer) B-Boy
Netherlands (Tim Van Scheppingen) Popping
Japan (Honda Kiku) Robot
India (Baljeet Patel) Bhangra
Finland (Tino Vainamoinen) Gangsta Walking,Crip Walk
Female Members
Name Known Dance Move
Philippines B-Boy
Brazil (Clarissa Velderama) Twerking,Tap Dancing
Hungary (Elizabeta Hedervary) Pole Dancing
Liechtenstien (Lilli Zwingli) B-Boy
Viet Nam (Long Cao) Shuffling
Argentina Tango,Crossover Dancing,Vogue
Taiwan (Mei Xiao) Robot,Pole Dancing,Para Para
Azerbaijan (Sabina Mammadova) Pole Dancing
Israel (Ruth Ben Cohen) Belly Dancing
Malta (Elsa Kirkland)


Desired MembersEdit

  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Sri Lanka
  • Qatar
  • Belarus
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

Other MembersEdit

  • Sweden (DJ)

Concept and ImageEdit

Majority of their image,they use the 'student' concept.They perform their dance in school uniform.Boys are required to wear beige demin pants to enable them to move comfortablly.


2p!World Academy Dance ClubEdit

Their main rival during dance competitions.They always manage to beat their dark counterparts every time.

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