(Note: I know that Wonderland is a fictional country, but it is a country nonetheless, which is why I'm making Wonderland. I will also be using her in a fanfic, I will put up a link to the fanfic when it is finished, thank you.-Maple-Lover)


Human name

Louise Kikrland




5 feet 2 inches


101 pounds


26 November


Louise has soft shoulder length blonde hair, silver eyes, pale skin and slightly bushy eyebrows. She often wears lolita dresses with lots of white lace, pale blue ribbons and purple fabric. She also wears a purple top hat that was given to her by the Mad Hatter. The only piece of jewellery she wears is a silver heart shapped locket hanging off a white ribbon that was given to her from Cilve Kirkland (a.k.a Narnia).

Personality and Interests

Louise is a very curious and adventerous girl, she is also rather mischivous and is constantly getting into trouble. She is very kind and more than a little naive.

(This will be completed when I have time.)

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