Washington DC (ワシントンDC, Washintondīshī) is a fan-made character for the manga and anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers.  He represents the capital city of America and received the human name, James.



A young, tan-skinned adolescent with sandy hair and green eyes, DC often wears smart, light casuals and has his hair slicked back with a few stray strands trailing across his forehead. Although he is actually younger than most capitals, due his fast physical growth he has the appearance of a boy in his very early teens.  


Sincere, hard-working, serious and secretly kind-hearted, DC's strict work-ethic and generally hassled appearance give him a look of constant irritation. Apparently, he was quite threatening and somewhat rebellious when he was younger, and he is highly unsuperstitious. He tries not to get too involved into chaotic situations, but usually ends up wanting to lend a helping hand in the end, and can't leave alone a person in need. He talks sharply and bluntly, but when agitated or moved, he launches into speeches which tend to be rather long-winded and emotional.

Despite being very young, DC makes up for it with his hard work and generally keeps a cool head when others are being dramatic, but he can get flustered at overly familiar contact. Like America, he is afraid of horror movies and has an irrepressible ability to imagine every possible situation before anything happens, and so refuses to watch them. He is actually easily touched, but it doesn't show on his face and he can even end up looking even more angry in his effort to hide it. He likes jazz and seafood, and he has an appreciation for museums and the theatre.



Washington DC spends a lot of his time cleaning up America's paperwork and tries to reprimand him several times to be more responsible, but America always interrupts him or brushes it off into oblivion. Nevertheless, he is helplessly fond of America, who unfailingly tries to get him to game with him.

Kansas (Dorothy B. Jones)

During the Civil War, 100 men from Kansas (Including Dorothy) came to D.C. to protect the president. Often helped him carry things while sometimes joking with him that she made him look weak. Brotherly/Sisterly relationship.


  • His human name is inspired by James Madison, the 4th President of the United States.
  • Washington DC's birthday, June 16th, coincides with the day it was approved as a capital.
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