Venice, "Primrose Vandara Lositta Vargas" is actually Veneziano and Lovino's younger sister, she among all the states and siblings of the Italy brothers, she is the shortest and petite nation ever mentioned

Appearance: Venice has same height as Latvia and she usually is surprised has flame-orange colored eyes, because of the earthly and nude colors of the buildings there and has long light brown-colored hair reaching down her hips, somehow was quite wavy at the end, she wears her hair most of the time down and she has big forehead and Grandpa Rome somehow seems that she looks like Veneziano, has haircurl like Romano's long and down. She also has a very cute and big eyes and mole under her right eye represented as Grand Canal

Her primary dress, doesn't wear military style like all character does, she usually wears an orange spring dress that goes down under her knees, and also wears creamy cardigan which the buttons are closed leaving the other three opened down. Carries a big teddy bear with her

Personality: Venice seems to have an uprise and usually she's quite talented in painting and in algebra, she's highly technical, humble and kind and she can curse really loud like Lovino, she also can be quite childish and fun to be with at the same time.

Family: Grandpa Rome, Italy Veneziano, Romano

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