Maria Vargas is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and she represents the city state Vatican City.

Vatican City

Human name

Maria Vargas

Age appearance



5 feet 7 inches


118 pounds

Languages spoken

Italian, Latin, Greek and English




Maria has shoulder length choclately brown hair, dark gold eyes, pale skin and a lean figure.

She wears a Catholic priests black robes and a red chasuble. But when she's with the pope she wears white robes, a red chasuble trimmed with gold and a rosary secured around her waist.

When she's not working in the Catholic Church, she wears a longsleevd white dress that goes just past her knees and white ballet flats with her rosary around her neck.

Personality and Interests

As Maria represents the Vatican City she is very religious and pure. She defends her virginty and few nations have a reason to think otherwise. Even when there was a Borigas pope, Maria remianed chaste and pure, although there were laspes in her judgement, she still defends her chasity and loyalty to God.

(This will be completed later.)

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