Vancouver(バンクーバー Bankūbā) is a fanmade Hetalia: Axis Powers character. She represents the Canadian city of Vancouver. Her human name is Kira Williams(Kira Wiriamuzu)

(Profile written by SkyFall103)

Appearance Edit

Vancouver has long, straight blonde hair with brown eyes. She is around 5'4 tall (162cm). She wears a red cardigan with a top and blue pleated skirt.

Personality and Interests Edit

As a city, Vancouver is often ignored by other countries, who don't think very highly of her, but those closer to her act nicer. She is a bit shy(Similar to her older brother, Canada)although she is shown to be kind and generous towards other countries. However she is sometimes a bit too sensitive and called a 'crybaby' by her other older brother, America. She enjoys playing ice hockey and playing video games. She can also speak french.

Relationships Edit

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