Akasma Celik is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers, she represents Turkmenistan.


Human name

Akasma Celic




5 feet 7 inches


120 pounds


27 October


Akasma can be considered 'plain looking', she has short dark brown hair, brown eyes and caucasian skin. She wears traditional Turkmen clothing, however, the clothing is considered to be for men as she dressed as a man for most of her life. She can be considered 'very pretty' if she puts in the effort but she doesn't as she claims 'it takes too much effort and it's annoying'.

Personality and Interests

Akasma often comes off as anitsocial, stern and cruel when really she's just quite and she keeps to herself.

And despite the fact that she appears rather masculine, she can be very feminine. She enjoys making clothes and cooking.

She is very passionate about horses and falcons and she keeps about five arabian horses and up to ten falcons.

However, despite being friendly when you get to know her, Akasma has been known to dislike people who aren't of Turkmen heritage and doesn't bother to get to know them. It is mainly because of this that she doesn't go to world meetings.


Iavn Braginski (Russia)-Turkmenistan became part of the Russian Empire in 1894 and became part of the U.S.S.R in 1924.

Akasma has had contact with Ivan for quiet a while but she isn't very fond of him as he often tried to force her to accept Communisim and give up the nomadic lifestyle, however, she, along with the rest of Turkmenistan, accepted it in 1948.

Personally, Ivan has always disturbed Akasma as he saw through her attempts of dressing up as a man. Ivan often asked her why she does that but she never revealed her reason or reasons.

Akasma isn't very fond of Russia in general and she doesn't see any reason why Russians can't be discrimated, much to Ivan's displeasure.


*October 27 is the day Turkmenistan declared independence from the U.S.S.R, however their independence wasn't internationally recognised until December 25.

*Akasma is a female Turkish name which means; 'climbing white rose', her last name means; 'steel'.

*Turkmenistan is has been critised for abusing human rights. Many universities are encouraged to turn away applicants that have non Turkmen last names, Russians are espicially discriminated against. This could explain why Akasma doesn't like people who aren't Turkmen.

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