Character Information


File:Transflag.png Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic / Република Молдовеняскэ / Приднестрóвская Молдáвская / Придністровська Молдавська

Human Name

Ioana Bochinsky






September 2 (Independence Day)

Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Dark Brown



Transnistria (沿ドニエストル Doniesutoru) is a supporting character in the Hetalia series. She represents the unrecognized state Transnistria. She is the first break-away country that was ever made, and has extremely little recognition. People call it "The Country That Does Not Exist"


Having similar hair to Moldova, Transnistria has more kept hair due to her rather... illegal economics. Since her hair is well kept, she tends to brush it often and ensure it's clean. She wears a Soviet uniform similar to Ukraine and Belarus', but it's a bit different with the coat of arms of her country on her arm. She holds a AK-47 on her sling, and her bangs reaches down to her eyebrows in a v formation.


Transnistria is basically, a mafia-like Moldovan girl. She's usually serious when it comes to arms trade and never stops to ask questions. She usually gets down to the point, not wanting to ask any questions. She doesn't really care who the person is, she just wants to start getting to the point. Since she is not a regonized state (only the three unregonized states near Georgia and Azerbaijan regonizes her), she tries her best to show other nations that she is indeed a powerful one, but in the end, shes met with negativity, infuriating her (with the exception of Micronations). Due to her history of arms traffiking, she is usually gets very stingy when it comes to money. Outside of her normal mafia buisness, shes haughty and arrogant and usually very easy to anger. Although, she shows her nice side to Ukraine, Russia and the three unregonized countries.


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