Personal informationEdit

Full name : The Isle of Wight / Louisa Charlotte Grey

LLouisa Chibi

Human Age : 20 years

Height: 1.52

Motto: "All this beauty is of god"

Continent: Europe

Official language: English

County Town : Newport

Gender : Female



She has dark Brown long hair and two curls. Her eyes are blue ( right ) dark blue ( left ) . She is thin, petite and her breasts are. The most part of the time she likes to wear punk or rocker clothes and, for special occasions ,  she dresses elegant way. She wears a punk necklace always, hiding two big scars around his neck, and sometimes uses a circular dark glasses . Her skin is pretty White.


She is  Kuudere , she can be easy to anger but sometimes is a little shy  and serious, Clumsy to dojikko, or really distracted , if you are really her friend, She’s going to be friendly and a good person , but if you don’t  can become really suspicious, mysterious and kuudere. She can made the rue girl but, with the people who really know as good friend , has an energy that never ends and tends to laugh a lot . She is pervert in secret.

She can be eccentric or prankster, this is why some people believe that she’s very different, or she's crazy , in any of the cases. She likes to climbing things and everything related to nature because she grew up in the countryside, is virtuous for music, sewing , drawing , rock , punk rock , heavy metal, indie rock and some pop . she loves eating sweets, cupcakes or any dessert of all kinds at any time for his voracious appetite , she always carries some food at hand , she can eat England’s food without regard the disgusting flavour. She has a verbal tic called " Chu ~" ashamed to it say in public, and when someone hears it she blushes, becomes mad and says she believes not hearing anything. She also has a habit of dropping 'D's and 'T's at the end of words which gets her into trouble with England for sounding like, in his words, 'that cheese eating buffoon'. However, she takes no notice to his rants about her speech unless he compares her to France.

She hates the Isle of Man and the Isle of Skye and can be more terrifying than Russia when mistaken for either of them.


She is allergic to sardines

She plays the piano, bass and guitar.

Love The Beatles, Sex Pistols & Pink Floyd

She can’t swim

She always smokes

She loves sailing and calls herself the best in the world.

She has strong friendships with Scotland and Poland.

Her magic is on par to England's and has a strong connection to ghosts.

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