Addison Jones is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers She represents the state of Vermont


Human name

Addison Jones


March 4






98 pounds

Languages spoken

English (American, British, Canadian) a little bit of French


Vermont has long dark brown hair pulled into a low ponytail. She has blue eyes and small silver rimmed glasses. She usually wears skinny jeans and her favorite teal hoodie. She is very pale, as she does not get outside much. She also wears a heart barrette given to her by her brother in her hair. Her human name is Addison Jones. She is a child of America.

Personality and Interests

Vermont likes to read and type stories on her computer. She also likes to go skiing when she can. She is kind of quiet, and shy around her siblings, but she has a strong bond with her older brother, New Hampshire. She loves her father very much, but can get sick of his immaturity and habit of self proclaiming he is the hero. Unlike her father, Vermont does not like the tatse of hamburgers. She would much rather settle for some pie and pankcakes. She does not often get involved with things, but if she is ever involved in a fight she can prove to be quite vicious. She dislikes her southern siblings. Vermont is the 14th state.


New Hampshire (Caleb Jones) Vermont has a strong bond with her older brother and enjoys his company. She is also very protective of him.

America (Alfred F. Jones) Vermont loves her dad but can be annoyed by him. She does not really like to spend time with him.

Canada (Matthew Williams) Vermont's favorite uncle. Vermont is close to Canada and they share a love of pancakes and maple syrup as Vermont is the number one producer of maple syrup in the United States.

England (Arthur Kirkland) Vermont is very wary of her uncle. She was never a colony of his so she does not respect him like the colonies do. She, like most people, does not like England's cooking.

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