Tennessee is the 16th state of America and is one of America's children. His name is Kevin Jones

The State of Tennessee

Human name

Kevin Jones


June 1




6 feet 8 inches


170 pounds

Languages spoken

English (American)




Kevin is very tall, much like his brother Texas and they are often mistaken for each other due to their similar physical charastiristics. But they dress very differently, while Blake (Texas) wears 'farmers clothes' Kevin wears 'smart, sophisticated' clothes, like dress shirts and slack pants.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Kevin loves music and he and Blake often play music together when they have the time. Kevin also enjoys horse riding. Kevin often procrastinates but he means well and has a good heart and he is always the first to volunteer to help out in a crisis.


Alfred F. Jones (America)-Alfred is like a father to Kevin, but during the Civil War they stopped speaking but they are on better terms now. Alfred is quiet fond of the country music that comes out of Tennessee.

Matthew Williams (Canada)-Kevin doesn't see Matthew very often but they get along rather well, manly because Kevin loves maple syrup with pancakes.

Blake Jones (The State of Texas)-Kevin and Blake get along rather well, but Kevin often abuses his role as 'big brother' which annoys Blake to no end. It also annoys Blake how Kevin says Tennessee music is better than Texas music.


  • Kevin's birthday corresponds with the day Tennessee became the 16th State of the Union.
  • Since Tennessee is the 16th state and Texas is the 28th state, Kevin is technically older than Blake.
  • Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State which explains how Kevin is always willing to help out.

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