Rhode island

Cillian Murphy as Rhode Island

Rhode Island is fan character for the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. Rhode Island is the yougnest of the the thirteen colonies. His human is Marius Kirkland- Jones. 

Apparence Edit

Rhode Island is said to resemble Austria. Rhode Island has black hair that is wavy and shaggy when it is unkept. He often wears  a trench coat or turtle necks. 

History Edit

Rhode Island had been always at odds with his other siblings. He orginaly living with Massachusetts, but was kicked out due to his religous ideas. After England forced Rhode Island to live with him. During the Revloution he was the first to declare his inpendence. After the Revloution he became a front head for the Indurstrial Revloution. 

Personailty and Interest Edit

Rhode Island can be best described as pompious and arrgonant.Though he is quiet he often boast about how awesome he is. He also likes to tinker with machines and likes eating calms. 

Realtionships Edit


Rhode Island has never liked England. England sees him a small version of America. Rhode Island often cusses at England when he sees him. 


Rhode Island seems to be the cloesest to America. They often joke with each other and have a matching ego to go with it. 


Rhode Island and Germany seem to get along. Though Germany sees him as more an anyonnce than Italy he taught him how to fix machines when Rhode Island was younger 

Triva Edit

  • Rhode Island is fan of tennis, he can be seen playing it on the weekends 
  • He has a scar on his back from King Philip's War 

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