Valerie Jones-Kirkland is the 39th child of Alfred and Arthur, and the older twin sister of South Dakota. She's more a less the creep one (even though she doesn't mean to be) and is feared by all of her siblings. She enjoys cooking and cleaning up around the house, and loves spoiling her twin sister, even though South considers her a creepy stalker. She is always picking up behind South who finds making a mess amusing.


Human Name

Valeria Jones-Kirkland


November 2, 1889







Hair color

Dark Green

Eye Color





Valerie like wearing clothes from the 19th century just like her twin. The two actually wear the same dress just that Valerie's dress has the dark colors while her twin's dress is white with blues and browns. She keeps her hair down, only tieing it up when she cooks or cleans. The black bow she wears in her hair was made by her twin sister, who in return made a blue one for her. Because of her having a twin the two are constantly mistaken for each other, which the two find a pain.


Valerie considers her life simple and bitter-sweet. Between being mistaken for her twin and going unnoticed half the time. She spent most of her childhood with her uncle Canada; the two spent most of there time trying to find ways to be noticed and not being mistaken for there counterparts. Valerie surprisingly spent a lot of time with Russia as well; who she gained some of her creepy tendencies from. As she grew she began spending more and more time with her parents and South Dakota who seemed to notice her more and more. Valerie began to spoil her twin in order to gain her affection, which has still been working. When Paige was shipped off to Bermuda in the 6th grade Valerie followed in secret knowing that no one except maybe her uncle would notice her disappearance. Valerie put herself under the disguise of another 6th grade student named Victoria as to watch over her dear younger sister. While there she just so happened to end up being roommates with her twin making keeping her disguise even harder.

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