New mexico

Demi Lovato as New Mexico

New Mexico is a fan character in the anime series Hetalia Axis Powers. She is the one next to youngest of the states. Her human name is Josefina Hernandez- Jones.

Apparence Edit

New Mexico has black hair with blond hightlights. She is  tall and has an hourglass figure. She often wears tank tops with lots  of jewlery. During meetings or while she is at a formal gathering she wears gowns. 

History Edit

New Mexico the youngest child of Spain. After her older brother Mexico rebelled against Spain she went to live with Mexico. While she and her siblings lived with Mexico he often mistreated them. While she was living with Mexico she saw her older sister Califorina revolt and gain her independece and later became America's child. After Texas gained her independce she went to go and live with New Mexico. After American- Mexican War New Mexico became The New Mexico Territory. On January 6 th 1912 New  Mexico became a state. During WWII she played a role a large role in the war.  There she and other sciencetist devloped the atomic bomb that was later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Personality and Inerest Edit

Although she does not look like she is a huge nerd. She is often is seen working on science experiments and reading manga and comic books. New Mexico is quiet and softspoken. New Mexico is proud of her airfields and often goes flying. 

Relationships Edit


New Mexico is the daughter of Spain. When she gets to see him they often work in the garden that he started for her when she was a small girl. 


Out of all the Spainish states she is the closest to him. Though in the first years out of Mexico's care were rocky they have maintained a heathly relationship. He often states that she got her brains from him. 


According to America New Mexico is the brain behind of the operations. They have a good realtionship with each other and they often tease each other. Though durining WWII she was distant from each other. It is said after WWII she did not speak to him ten years. 


New Mexico and Japan's relationship is rocky. Though they seem to get along Japan seemes weary of the young state. They often talk about the lastes technology and anime. 

Triva Edit

  • New Mexico has an obession with aliens, due to the Roswell Incident that happended in 1947
  • She often reads sci-fy 
  • She has a scar from the Mexican- American War. 

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