Caleb Jones is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers he represents The State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Human name

Caleb Jones


June 21




5 feet 9 inches


125 pounds

Languages spoken

English (American and British)


Caleb has soft chestnut brown hair and blue eyes. He has slightly bushy eyebrows which he claims came from England. He wears casual clothes, mainly t-shirts with slogans, jeans, chucks and hodded jackets.

Personality and Interests

=====Caleb is a huge animal lover and he does a lot of volunteer work at animal pounds. He is also a bookworm and he spends most of his time at the library. He is very kind and doesn't anger easily. He is highly opiniated and believes in his motto: "Live Free or Die." A hobby of his is to collect guns, and always carries a SPAS-12 semi-automatic shotgun with him.


Alfred F. Jones (America)-Caleb respects Alfred but he doesn't like how immature and childish he is. He often says it 'gives me a headache'. Caleb was the one who taught Alfred how to use a gun.

Matthew Williams (Canada)-Caleb gets along well with Matthew and he has often said that he prefers him over Alfred. He is one of the people who remembers him and doesn;t mistake him for Alfred.

Ophelia Jones (Virginia)-On the surface, Caleb and Ophelia have a close older brother-younger sister relationship. But secretly, Caleb is in love with Ophelia but he doesn't act on his feelings as he doesn't want to lose his closeness with Ophelia.

Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)-During WWII, Caleb and Gilbert became unlikly friends, even if they were on opposing sides. Their friendship grew during the Cold War, as Caleb accused Ivan of torturing Gilbert and other former Axis countries. In modern times Gilbert usually stays at Caleb's place when Ludwig kicks him out.

Addison Jones (Vermont)- Caleb has a strong bond with his little sister Vermont, and is protective of her. He loves Vermont like a sister, but not the way he loves Ophelia.

(This will be completed later)

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