Christopher Jones is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers He is the 20th state and a child of America.


Human Name

Christopher "Chris" Jones


December 10






130 pounds

Languages spoken

English (American)


Mississippi has short light blonde hair. He has tanned skin and electric blue eyes. He has a curl coming out of the top of his head that is an e-zone. He usually wears a white button down shirt and shorts. He has a tattoo of the Mississippi flag on his right shoulder.

Personality and Interests

Being surrounded by sisters, Mississippi is kind of a girly boy. He likes to paint, read, and play guitar. He has no problem painting nails or playing with dolls. He is very ticklish and laughs easily. He is teased by his older brothers about liking girl stuff. He likes all of his siblings, even ones in the north and even ones who hate him.


America- America has kind of turned a blind eye to his son because he too thinks it is funny that Mississippi likes girly stuff

Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana- Mississippi has been surrounded by these girls his entire life. He loves them all and he is very close to every one of them.

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