The State of Michigan is a supporting character in Hetalia Axis Powers

Appearance Edit

Michigan is a young girl with long auburn hair and greenish gray eyes. Her hair is pulled into a high ponytail with chin length bangs on the left side of her face. She wears a dark blue puffy jacket with a teal shirt that is flowy at the end with a wavy blue line at the end representing the lakes such as Lake Huron that surround her with darkish blue jean shorts and navy blue sneakers. In the winter, her jacket is zipped up and she wears dark wool pants with snow boots

Personality Edit

Michigan is a simple minded girl who expresses herself in non-complex ways. She has a sports rivalry with Ohio, and it's said her mood drops from content to grouchy when someone prefers Ohio's team. Her favorite foods include Michigan Sauce on hot dogs and Superman ice cream, and persuades young children to eat it by telling them it actually makes them like Superman. Since living in the North, she calls soda "pop". Michigan has big support for Detroit, and is always there for him whenever something happens, and is slightly like his older sister. Being surrounded by lakes, she prefers them to oceans, and visits them often. In the past, wolverines invaded her house and many states nicknamed her "the Wolverine State."

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