Eowyn as Massachusetts

Massachusettes is a fan character in the anime series Hetalia Axis Powers. She is the sixth state in the Union and was part of the original thirteen colonies. Her human name is Ava Kirkland -Jones. 

Apparenece Edit

Massachusettes has black hair that has colored highlights in it. She often wears black and heavy black makeup. 

History Edit

Masschusettes was one the first colonies settled in the New World. Out of all the states she may have the most troubled past. As a child she witnessed the Salem Witch Trails. When she was a teenager she was a victim in the Boston Masscure. After the masscure she dumped a load of England's tea into Boston Harbor to take revenge. During the Cival War Era she was a leader for removing slavery. 

Personality and Intrest Edit

Massachusettes is a ferice young woman who stands up for what she believes in. She loves her family to the fullest and is willing to die for her family and her state. Massachusettes is very educated. She  was both educated by America and England. Massachusettes also enjoys doing magic  

Realtionships Edit


England is Massachusettes uncle. They were very close when Massachusettes was younger, but as tension between America and England began to grow they seemed to grow farther apart, but after the Boston Masscure they stop talking to each other 


Massachusettes and America are very close. She often seeks comfort with him. America is very concered for her because she seeems to have delvoped an attachment issure.

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