Illinois is the 21st state and America's little sister.

The State of Illinois


Nicole 'Nick' Jones






December 3rd

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Capital City



Illinois is a taller girl with brown hair and eyes. Her human name is Nicole Jones but she makes everybody call her Nick. She wears a purple hoodie and worn blue jeans, and a Cheap Trick t-shirt (possibly a nod to the fact that Cheap Trick is from Illinois.) She also wears a crucifix and a red, black and white wrist band, (possibly symbolizing the Chicago Bulls or Black Hawks.)

She has an oddly shaped burn mark on the left side of her forehead that she hides with her bangs. This symbolizes the Great Chicago Fire.

She sometimes gets mistaken for a boy.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Illinois is a tomboyish girl who doesn't mind getting dirty or beaten up. She has a thick Chicago accent, and becomes irate when people pronounce the 's' at the end of Illinois. In the '90s, she put a great deal of time into basketball and idolized Michael Jordan, until he retired. She's still convinced that the Chicago Bulls are the best Basketball team in the US.

She has still had faith in the Chicago Cubs, though they won the World Series over Ohio in 2016, despite that, she roots for them and believes in them. Similar circumstances apply for the Chicago Bears as well.

She loves the band Cheap Trick. She is an avid collector of their Merchandise, music, and so on.

She also loves to annoy Wisconsin. She loves trolling her water parks and laughing at the fact that Wisconsin can't do anything about it. She loves to boast about being the 'Favorite State' of quite a few famous people, and rubs it in Kentucky's face that Abraham Lincoln liked her better than him. She claims to be the King of the States (Queen would sound 'too girly') because of Barack Obama's presidency and the fact that he was an Illinois Senator.

She has a pet Eastern Tiger Salamander named Robin, after Robin Zander from Cheap Trick.



She really looks up to America, and affectionately calls him 'bro'. He's the only one of her siblings that she really respects.


Once a French colony, she was quickly handed over to England because she was 'too unruly'. She makes fun of France and immitates his accent often.


Illinois was also a former colony of England. She was, once again, 'too unruly' and was handed over to America. She has an underlying respect for him though, but still makes fun of his accent.

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