Isabella Jones is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers She is the 5th state and a sister of America


Human name

Isabella Jones


January 9






347 pounds #fatacceptance

Languages Spoken

English (American and British)

Appearance Connecticut has dark brown, almost black hair that is always pulled into a tight bun and amber eyes. She is very short for her age, and is often teased by her younger siblings. Her four older siblings do no tease her so. She usually wears dark blue jean capris and black glittery converses. She wears rainbow tank tops with a gray see-through sweater. She has thick-rimmed black glasses. She wears no jewelry except for a necklace with the American Flag on it. She has a scar running down the right side of her body, starting at her armpit and ending at her waist form the Civil War. She also has a cross-shaped scar on her hand from the Revolutionary.

Personality and Interests Connecticut is very social and likes to spend time around her northern siblings, but most of them do not return the favor. She has a bad relationship with the Confederacy States. Connecticut likes the big city rather than the country. She is also very easily angered when talking about the Civil War and Colonial times. Connecticut likes to go to parties and get on Facebook. She likes nothing more than a ice cold wine on a Friday night. She also likes to ride roller coasters and ride in airplanes. She is very emotional when it comes to the Sandy Hook shooting.


America Connecticut likes her brother, and unlike most northern states thinks his immaturity is cute and not annoying.

England Connecticut does not really care about her uncle. She is still angry bout the Revolutionary War and does not like to talk to him. England sees her as brat.

Vermont Connecticut likes to spend time with her little sister, and sometimes invades Vermont's personal space too much. Vermont never tells Connecticut this, but she secretly loathes her. Vermont can not bring herself to tell her older sister this.

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