Bouregard Jones is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents The Southern Confederacy.

The Southern Confederacy

Human name

Bouregard Jones




February 4


6 feet 5 inches


160 pounds


Alfred F. Jones (Half-brother), Matthew Williams (Half-brother) and Jack Jones (Brother)

Languages spoken

English (American)


Bouregard is rather tall, much like the male southern sates and also like them, he is very muscular, has blonde hair, blue eyes and caucasian skin. However, the way he dresses varies greatly. When he's in a city he'll wear a sharp dark brown and tan suit, when he's in a small town he'll wear just a simple white shirt, blue jeans and black chucks and when he's working on the farm he'll just wear dark blue jeans and brown cowboy boots.

(Will be completed later)

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