The Republic of Jamptland is a comedic girl who loves to spend time with the Nordics and some of the Micronations. She is quite friendly and tries to befriend everyone, so she doesn't really have any enemies. Her full name is The United Republics of Jamtland, Herjeådalen and Ravund but she prefers to be called by her usual nick name. RJ was annexed from Norway in 1178 and declared herself independant in 1963.

Her human name is Mia Oxenstierna and her human age is fourteen. She likes to view Sweden and Norway as big brothers, though she isn't actually blood related to Sweden. RJ appears to have a bit of an attachment to Iceland, most likely because he is the closest Nordic to her in human age (aside from Sealand of course.) She doesn't seem to take herself too seriously, as her micronation is said to be founded "51% in jest and 49% in earnest." TRP's main job is to keep the language and lifestyle of the Jamplandic people alive.

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