The Ocean


The Ocean

Human name

Selena Filia Maris




December 4, 1.



Hair color


Eye color



6'11 feet

Special traits

four hairs “float” from the top of her head, can turn into a mermaid

Selena in her human form


Selena Filia Maris is the Hetalia character that represents the Ocean.


Selena acts childish, and she likes the style of music known as Nightcore. She absolutely HATES horror movies/books, and she refuses to eat fish, saying that they are “my citizens” and that if she ate them, “I would be a cannibal.” She also insists that mermaids exist, but only California and England believe her. California has seen her tail, and England... Well, remember his pirate days. She is not the kind of flesh eating mermaid though. She is the queen of the mermaid kingdom, and very old. She has been around since the start of the world, and watched everything come and go. She is known to unleash fierce storms when she is angry. Mary Sue who believes the BTT actually exists.

Relationships Edit

The Roman Empire- She was friends-with-benefits with him. She had a former crush on him but it disappeared with him... After ten years of grief.

Ancient Greece- They were close friends.

Greece- She met him when coming back to Greece, only to see that his mother wasn't there and he was there.

The BTT- She hates them. Period. And they have seriously weird laughs. Period.

England- Their rivalry dates all the way back to the pirate days, when Selena sunk his ship, and he had to build a new one.

Holy Roman Empire- He was friends with her.

Transylvania- They are somewhat friends.

Russia- She doesn't get along with him very well.

Japan- He has something against her in an argument, she made a tsunami enter Japan.

America- She can Stand him, aside from the fact that whenever she's around, he asks her to get him hamburgers, and then complains, “Dude, this is a wet burger.”

Hawaii & California- BEST STATES EVER!

Trivia Edit

- She has no actual home, because every year she stays with a different nation (if they are near the ocean). Her favorite country to stay in is America, since she likes hanging out with California. - She can turn into a mermaid at will. - Her name means “Selena, The Daughter of the Ocean” in Latin. - She can control water.

Selena, as a mermaid.

Selena in her mermaid form.

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