Celestia (Seresutia)is a fanmade character of the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. 

Celestial Space


Shee again
Celestia in an alternate outfit




Tentai supēsu



2.3 Billion/Immortal




161cm (5'3)








January 1st,

December 21st (Declared)


Luna Mangan, Celestial Space, Celestia

She represents the entirety of "outer space " but is an defunct nation. She received the name Luna Lunetta when she was little. (ルナ・ベゼル Runa Runetta/Bezeru), which means in Italian Moon Little Moon.

Her human name is Luna Mangan. Her real and official name is absolute alien and shall never be known.

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Country Information

Area Claimed

Entire Universe (excluding Earth)

Date of Foundation

1 January 1949

Spoken Language

English, Global

Purported Currency

100 Ergs = 10 Joules = 1 Celeston

Organisational Structure

Hybrid Republic/Monarchy

Ethnic Groups


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by Pixiv Id 10353637. a new faceclaim for celestia.

She has long, choppy, dark hair that reaches her lower back; her hair has no exact colour, it mostly depends on the lighting and how it is seen. Her large eyes are a magenta colour. She is very slim and slender, usually seen in a black coat, white trousers tucked in black victorian boots up to her knees. Underneath her coat she wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with a collar. The sleeves folded to her elbows and a black cloth with gold attaching it to the collar.

Sometimes she wears a black dress only with the tie sort of thing and black knee socks and another pair of the boots but slightly shorter.

Celestia is normally seen with her face not visible (turned away) and just standing. Anywhere really.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Celestia would be the most cynical, stoic and deadpan nation you would know. She seems to have a darker personality than anyone else on earth and in the universe, a trait exaggerated by the actual universe which is 'black'. You can describe her as monotone, nonchalant and pragmatic (in a way).

She hides secrets from earth yet she asks humans what they want to wish for (this explains the star you would tell your wish to). Celestia expresses her anger indignantly with no hint of sound but just a face; her anger is normally caused by theories and questions about the universe or just America studying her along with other countries.

Other then being quiet and vexed, she really does like to create hoaxes and scaring countries that she is going to send a meteor to their house or that the world is going to end.

Celestia doesn't like to look nations in the eye or just look at their faces. She dislikes when people tower over her, all high and mighty when they are actually making a big mistake.

Her interests include eavesdropping, stargazing and going in rockets.


James T. ManganEdit

Her founder and her father-figure. Celestia was just being... meh. She didn't care what Mangan done but she appreciated him when he sent a letter to America, England, Russia and the United Nations. Celestia didn't want to be bothered with other nations because she likes thinking that the world revolves around her.

Ruth ManganEdit

Ruth, "Princess of the Nation of Celestial Space" and daughter of the founder of the nation of Celestial Space.

They both were like children, the two loved eachother in a sisterly way.

South ItalyEdit

The two are just acquaintances, Celestia met Romano like any other countries she had met. Romano was looking out at the stars one night and he coincidentally saw the representation standing near.


An acquaintance as well. You know the drill; exactly same impression like Romano.


Celestia doesn't quite like England due to his fairy-tales. She dislikes fantasy and mythical things, she just likes science-fiction.


She misunderstands America for 'stalking' her and his fancy NASA off to go explore the moon. Celestia has a love-hate relationship with America although America disagrees and just says he's just curious, when actually he admires her from afar.


Celestia can't help but tease Russia. She would be considered the biggest, the greatest nation not on earth but in the universe if only she wasn't placed in the category of the 'micronations'


Greece studied about Celestia before America. He once stated that he was interested when he first looked in the blue sky and wanted to know more. Celestia doesn't mind or care being around Greece, mostly comfortable near him.


Just like Greece, Celestia is comfortable being near Egypt for knowing her for so long; someone to actually call a friend... not really close or anything, he's not even close to even discover the biggest of secrets.


  • Her birthday is her date of foundation.
  • Her name means Moon in Italian.
  • Her eye colour is for the stars in the sky or the sun made of plazma
  • Her ships are America, Russia/Soviet Union, Greece and Egypt.
  • She's happy that 38 nations visited her.
  • Celestia likes to use hashtags due to her flag having a white hashtag on it.
  • She is not courageous like a leader but she is a good support. [1]


  • (referring to everyone) "Stop trying to find out my secrets... idiots."
  • (referring to everyone) "You're that interested? Stop making silly theories."

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Character created by Rigi-san on DeviantART