(NOTE: The Kingdom of Nouveau is a made up nation made by FranadaFanGurl because she has way too much time on her hands.)

The Kingdom of Nouveau

Human name

Marie Bonnefoy


September 26




5 feet 7 inches


120 pounds

Languages spoken

French and Latin

State religions

Christianity and Roman Catholic

Capital city

Antoinette City

Biggest city

Antoinette City


It has often been said that Marie looks like a female version of Francis. She has long silky blonde hair, blue eyes, caucasion skin and is petite. She often wears feminie clothes, such as flowy French blouses, slim fitting jeans and ballet flats. However, she is very rarely seen wearing a dress or a skirt, if she is then it's either for a special occasion or becuase Francis told her to. She favours white and soft pastle colours. She always seen wearing rosary beads around her neck.

Personality and Interests

Marie is a very shy person and she often keeps to herself. She is religious and goes to church every Sunday. She has rather fine tastes but doesn't shop very often as she says that 'there are better things to spend money on.' She is very compassionate and does a lot of charity work. She also highly admired Marie Antoinette and she is very loyal to her king and queen. She is a kind person but she distances herself from people as she is afraid of being hurt such as in the past.

A Basic History of The Kingdom of Nouveau

The Kingdom of Nouveau was founded by the French and was at first called New France.

(This will be completed later)

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