(NOTE: I am aware that the Iron Curtain was just an expression used by Winston Churchill and that it wasn't exactly real, but in Europe, especially places like Eastern Germany and Hungary during the Cold War, it was very much real, so I think it deserves a personification.)

The Iron Curtain

Human name

Wileen Churchill


5 March 1946

Age appearance



5 feet 7 inches


120 pounds

Languages spoken

Polish, German, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Romanian and English




Wileen has blonde hair cut into a pixie cut with thick layers, grey eyes, pale skin and a willowy body frame.

She is often seen wearing a short sleeved white silk blouse with silver pinstripes and a small white built-in belt, a white A-line skirt, a long sleeved black trench coat that reaches her ankles, black over the knee lace up boots with a 3 inch heel and a black headband with an artificial black rose on it.

During the Cold War, she wore a long sleeved olive green coat with gold buttons that she did up and it reached her ankles, black pants, black flat soled boots, a long sleeved white dress shirt, black leather gloves and the hat of a Soviet Union Marshal.

Personality and Interests

As Wileen represented the divide that was in Europe at the time of the Cold War, she takes a keen interest in the different cultures in Eruope. She also takes an interest in the many, many conflicts Europe had in history. She also reads many old news articles and books about the Cold War, as she is interested in what other people thought and still think about the Cold War and her as the Iron Curtain.

During the Cold War, Wileen was viewed with complete disdain and resentment, especially by the countries that were badly affected because of the Iron Curtain. Even today, a few countries (America and Prusia in particular) don't like her and America once said she caused a lot of porblems for some people in Europe. She replied by saying: "I am a curtain. It is my job to close people off from what is outside." Becuase of all of the hatred and resentment that was geared towards her, Wileen doesn't have a lot of self-esteem and she dosn't trust easily. Her only friends are the other curtains and Russia.


'Wileen' is an English/German name for gilrs and it means 'determined guardian', this shows how Wileen 'guarded' some of the Eruopean nations. 'Crhuchill' is from Winston Churchill who used the term 'Iron Curtain' in a speech.

(This will be completed later.)

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