Luxembourg (ルクセンブルク Rukusenburuku) is a fanmade character for the series, Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that is a landlocked nation in western Europe, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


18 (appearance)


November 23rd



Hair Color



Eye Color



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Personality and InterestsEdit

Luxembourg is often underestimated but awfully smiles a lot and seems sweet and innocent.

Her personality is quite kind and nice but she is actually a small-minded person, that mostly hates people in the entire world, not sure why, criticise the foreigners for not spearking Luxembourgish. (Most of the time French).

Other then that is is actually very kind and nice but doesn't really have a lady-like manner. She likes to boast about her wealth, stuck up but proud of her independence.


Luxembourg is a short, but kind of tall girl. She has light blonde hair and greenish-grey eyes. She likes to dress lady-like and presentable often, she is normally seen in a knee-length, light blue dress with a white bow around the white-trimmed collars. Her dress also matches with the collars, at the bottom of her dress it is white-trimmed. Above that she wears a white blazer, that is not buttoned-up. Down beneath she wears slightly lighter blue tights and white victorian-styled boots.

She keeps her hair in a tight bun, but has a long cowlick with a slight curl. She wears white gloves to match the whole outfit and is also seen with a rose tucked in her hair, which is quite ironic because the rose is not her official flower and she has a white berret.



Luxembourg and France are very close to eachother. Largely sharing his culture, history and language. They have a good relationship with eachother, though they are quite different. A great duchy with a grand duke and a republic with a president.


Luxembourg hates him, but is very hypocritical about it. She hates him but watches German TV, reads German newspapers and wants to know more about what's going on with him other than herself. She also blames Germany for blocking her local petrol stations.


She thinks Belgium is pretty and all, but quite plain and boring. She also knowns at least five jokes about her too.

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