The Czech Republic (called Czecho in short) is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. In 2011, she was given the name Dominika Cerna.

Czech Republic





Physical Age



28 October

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color



Europe and Asia: Letters Times Three (fanfiction)



Czecho has shoulder-length light brown which she accessorizes with a silver hairpin and a small braid. She is a girl of average height. Although she wears a pink dress given to her by her older brother Slovakia most of her time, she is also seen wearing her light brown military uniform with a black ribbon tied under her collar

Personality and InterestsEdit

Czecho is a kind girl who is terrified of Belarus and is willing to help others, even if it means that she will not benefit. Aside from spending time with her older brother, she picks flowers, go for walks and spends time with Austria, Poland and Germany, who are her neighbours. She is extremely close to her brother and would be willing to do anything to protect or help him.



Slovakia is her older brother, physically older than her by six years. The two of them have a close relationship, having being siblings until they split into two seperate nations. They two of them get along well, and she is used to Slovakia's teasing and sometimes rough nature. She is shown to still regard Slovakia as a sibling, calling him 'onii-chan'.


The two are geographically quite close. However, Czecho has not befriended Austria in any way yet as she does not understand him.


Poland is a close friend of Czecho's. She, however, sometimes mistakes him for a girl when he crossdresses. She admits that spending time with poland can be fun, but when he crossdresses it gets awkward.


Germany is one of Czecho's neighbours. Czecho says that she is quite afraid of him. She attempted to befriend him and succeeded, but she still hides from him due to her fear of him.


  • Czecho was known as Bohemia until she unified with Slovakia and became known as Czechoslovakia along with her brother. She later became Czech Republic after splitting.
  • Her birthday is 28th October, corresponding with the date she and Slovakia became Czechoslovakia in 1918. She shares the same birthdate as her brother (as both of them were once one as Czechoslovakia).
  • She prefers to be called using her surname before she split into a nation of her own. The name she had before splitting from Slovakia is Dominika Dslack, thus she sometimes wants her name to be rendered as Dominika Dslack-Cerna.

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