The Country of Ursa Cher is a Fanmade character for the anime and webcomic, Hetalia Axis Powers. She received the name Ursa Solstice from the princess of The Kingdom of NieveRose.


Ursa has long dark purple that is usually in a long curled ponytail. She has purple eyes that look shadowy when she is depressed or sad. Ursa isn't usually seen wearing her countries because she was sent away from her country and into the human world to stay with Kiku Honda(Japan). She usually wears a kimono or a shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers.


Ursa in her black and white kimono that Kiku Honda gave her.


Ursa has cheerful and energetic personality. She contains a lot of energy which allows her to train and exercise a lot. Even though Ursa looks fragile, she is strong and a bit muscular. She became like this ever since she started training with Ludwig (Germany), Ludwig even said that he would pick Ursa to train with than Feliciano (N. Italy). Ursa can be easily manipulated but after she is manipulated, she still has her head high and she still stays strong.

Since Ursa has a cheerful personality, she tries to keep everyone happy. She only filed to keep one person happy, Lixue Taiga Arctica. Ursa tried her best but she couldn't make everyone happy. She still tries her best but she is starting to lose her cheerfulness and become depressed again.



Ursa has lived with Honda Kiku ever since she was sent to the human world when she was 5. She has grown with Japan which makes them the best of friends. Ursa even started to have a liking to him when she turned 10. She enjoys watching anime and movies with him. The two are usually together when they are at World Meetings because Japan is usually quiet and he enjoys being around Ursa joyful personality.


Ursa and Alfred F. Jones are really close friends. The two of them were even told be together because they looked cute together. America does get flustered around Ursa which is actually cute to her. They enjoy going to parties and eating out in fast food restaurants. America even confessed his love to Ursa once and the reaction Ursa had was that she ran away and hid in Japan's home for the whole day until she forgot about what America said.

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