Simone Simmons as Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virgina or commonly known as Virgina is  fan character for Hetalia Axis Powers Her twin is West Virginia. Her human name is Elizabeth Kirkland- Jones. 

Appearance Edit

Virgina is a tall fair skinned woman. She has dark red hair that is often tied into a bun. When  she is working or at a meeting she normaly wears a blouse and a skirt. When Virgina is not working she just wears t-shirts and shorts. 

History Edit

Virginia was one the first colonies that England ruled over. Right from the start life for Virginia was not easy. She was often sick as a child and was picked on by the Native American nations. Though she was sick most of the time Virgina she fought along side America in the French and Indian War and was good freinds with General Geroge Washington. When Virginia was a teenager she fought along side her siblings she fought against England. From there she became involved in politics and forgein affiars. During the Civil War she was the front head of the war. When Virginia joined her southern siblings her twin, West Virginia stayed with America. 

Personality and Interests Edit

Virginia is a no nonsense person. She is very logical and often corrects her peers. She enjoys reading books and listening to classical music. In her spare time she can often seen playing in Richmond  Symphony Orchestra playing the cello. She also gets very involed with politics.

Realtionships Edit


England is Virgina's uncle. Although she resented him many years after the American Revoultionary War. She has forgiven him, but still holds a grudge from the War of 1812 


America is Virginia's older brother. They often hang around together and eat out. Though inwardly Virginia is ashamed of his behvior. 


Although Virgina and Austria had never a close realtionship in the years before. She has come increasly close to him in the recent years. They often talk about music and literature.

Triva Edit

  • Virgina's brithday is June 25th the day she became a state. 
  • She has a scar on her back from the attack on the Pentagon 

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