Canberra is the capital city of Australia and she is Australia's eldest child.


Human name

Louise Kirkland




5 feet 5 inches


115 pounds


Out of all Nicholas's children, Louise resembels Nicholas the most. She has long, messy blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin. She also dresses like Nicholas and she has been called Nicholas's mini.

Personality and Interests

Louise is a very hard worker, something she learned from Nicholas. She is very creative and she loves to write, paint and play music. As the eldest of all of the children, Louise is very protective of them all and she doesn't want to see them hurt. She also dissaproves of Nicholas's smoking habit.


Nicholas Kirkland (Australia)-Louise and Nicholas have a very loving relationship, despite them dissagring on Nicholas's smoking habit.

Jane Kirkland (New Zealand)-Louise sees Jane as an aunty and they love each other dearly. Louise often goes Jane for advice on things, like how to handle Nicholas


*Canberra is the capital city of Australia

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