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Texas is the 28th state or child of  the United States of America. She is the daughter of Spain and the little sister of Mexico.

Apparance Edit

Texas has black hair that is pulled bajavascript:void('Visual')ck into a ponytail. She is tall and athletic. Texas often wears plaid shirts and  jeans. During formal events she wears traditional Hispanic clothing. 

History Edit

Spain stumbled upon Texas when he was exploring the New World. There he took her and her many siblings into his house, and for a while Louisiana. They lived in harmony that is until Texas went to live with France for a while, and became freinds with Louisiana. Then she went back to live with Spain. When Louisiana was bought from France America was looking to get Texas also. In 1821 Mexico rebelled against Spain, and he took his siblings away and they lived in his house. In 1832 the reltionship between Mexico and Texas grew tense. She started to revolt against him, but he quickly put a stop to that. Things quickly escalted into full blown revolution. After the war she became the Republic of Texas, shortly after she became the state of Texas. 

Personaitly and Interests Edit

Texas is a fiery young woman. She often goes horseback riding and tends to her animals that live on her ranch. Texas loves spending time with her family, but mostly with Louisiana who sees as a big sister. She likes listening going to rodeos goes hunting every weekend. Texas also enjoys eating steak and sex.

Relationships Edit


Texas is the closet to Spain. Spain tends to favor her more then his other childeren.


America considers Texas to be his pride and joy. Though the other states get jelous of her, she makes sure that her siblings get the same amout of affection. 


Though Texas and Mexico had rough years they still get along with each other. Mexico comes over ever November to celebrate the Day of the Dead 


Louisiana and Texas have been good friends ever since Louisiana came to live Spain. Since then Texas often went to her for advice. 

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