Starry night

Japan and Tanzania

 Tanzania is a fan character created for Hetalia: Axis Powers and Hetalia: The Beautiful World.

She was given the human name Dalila Kali Kikwete



Tanzania is very kind hearted to her friends. On the other hand she is just a tad bit over protective of her friends due to her fear of losing them.

Friends, Family, and respect are very important to Tanzania.

She has a pet lion cub by the name of Mikubwa (Or Miku) who speaks like a pirate.

Songs (Fanmade)Edit

Hatafutte Parade

In my left hand is a cub, In my right hand is khanga!

Swing a mavazi, move your miguu, it's a dansi parade!

Toward the enchanting world, Karibu!

Take our hands, make a circle, spin, and it's the world.

With marafiki, I'm always at my best.

Nyeusi na njano mistari kugawanya ardhi na bahari.

I have a lot of love to give! He-ta-li-a!

Home is where we can all love each other

In my family, we never leave anyone


Do you understand?

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