Taipei, Taiwan


Ai regular


Taipei, Taiwan

Human Name

Lin Ai, Ai Lin


12-13 (appearance) 21 (real age)


July 1



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Light brown (Sometimes a dark amber)


137 cm (4'6)

Taipei, Taiwan is a fanmade character for: Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents the city of Taipei, in Taiwan.


She often has wavy, long hair, tied at the bottom with a white bow, and she has a small curl at the end of it. She usually wears a light pink or pale pink Qipao thats sleeve-less and loose and has golden trimmings, usually with a pale pink azalea pinned on it. She wears a long-sleeved white dress underne

Gakuen Ai!

Gakuen Ai

ath her Qipao, which has golden and eith light or pale pink ruffles along the bottom and the sleeves, which are over sized, like much of the other Asian countries/cities, though, sometimes it's shortened. She has a very small and fragile frame, and her skin tint is the same shade as Taiwan's. She wears golden slippers with a light/pale pink azalea on it, with a white border along the edges. She is sometimes shown with a white fan and sharpened, white chopsticks or a white katana for defense and offense. She has a Hello Kitty shaped birthmark on her left arm.


She has a tiny bit of a tsundere-like personalty, but most of the time, she is usually very happy and energetic, but calm, Taiwan. She is very fashionable and dislikes ugly clothing. She is very nervous sometimes and has a bit of a anger issueShe is usually seen practicing Chinese instruments, cooking, drinking Bubble Tea, shopping, practicing Martial Arts, and gardeningShe is very brave, but shy when it comes to people. She loves Taiwanese Cuisine and usually eats it everyday. But, she sometimes acts without thinking, like lashing out at people who make fun of her family, or something that makes her annoyed. She dislikes private space, since she thinks it's harsh and mean. She has a large obsession with Bubble Tea, causing her to get out of her way to get some.



Is Taipei's big sister. Taiwan and Japan usually make her dress up or cosplay as other countries or anime characters. They look the same, except for their eyes and hair, since Taiwan's eyes are a dark brown and Taipei's are light brown, and Taiwan's hair is light brown, and Taipei's hair is dark brown. She and Taiwan usually try to make Japan hug them,

New Taipei City, TaiwanEdit

Is the younger brother of Ai. Both of them are usually seen around each other. They love(family) each other and defend each other.


Is a close friend of Taipei. Taiwan and Taipei were given to him, due to the war him and China had. She too has a preference for Japan more than China, but dislikes his need of "personal space". Japan likes dressing her in costumes and cosplay outfits, which Taipei finds disturbing and creepy. 


Is Taipei's brother/sensei. She can stand him, but prefers Japan more. She is seen trying to bond with China along with her brother, which is cooking.

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