"Get your hands off me! Put me down you cold handed menace!"

Lilith Abadi, also known as the Syrian Arab Republic is a small country that used to be owned by Turkey. Her country has fallen into hysteria and war, so a few countries decide to remove her for her own safety.



Lilith Abadi


Syrian Arab Republican






Turkey, Italy,Germany,Egypt,Belgium,Spain,America

Sister Cities

Britain, France


Switzerland/Basch Zwingli

Syria Has tentative relations with her father Turkey and has a claim to some of his land.  She is currently in civil war and has asked some other countries to help. Only America,Britain,Canada and France have responded. America tried talking Germany into coming as well, but he sent Switzerland instead. So far, she has been (Forcibly) removed from her country has been a guest of Switzerland for protection since.  It's not exactly something she's happy about, but keeps quiet. Most of the reason she's unhappy was because instead of a decent escort, Switzerland just threw her over his shoulder and started walking. Liechtenstein is kind to her and often apologises for Switzerland's actions. She looks younger than she is, appearing only as a 20-24 year old woman, when really, she's been around since the Bronze age.


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"You cold handed Menace!"
  • ===Switzerland/Basch Zwingli===

Switzerland was 'voluntold' to retreive Syria from her war torn country. He carried her out on his shoulder, her kicking and screaming the whole way. 

Turkey                                                                                   Edit

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Turkey is Syria's estranged father and nemesis. Their relationship is very torn and this can't really stand eachother.

  • ===
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"You'll have to excuse Basch. He can be..Harsh sometimes.He does care for you."

Liechtenstein is very kind to Syria and she was the one who divulged Basch's feelings for Syria.

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