State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of America's states, who is frequently chatizized for "not being manly enough". She lives with America temporarily, after her home was taken over by protesters against "that douche boss of hers". She has a rivalry with "that butthead Illinois". Her human name is Emmaline Jones, also known as Emma Jones, or Emma Williams.


Wisconsin stands at about 5'2, having the appearance of a 14 year old human. Her hair, contrary to belief, is brown, and often kept in a shoulde length ponytail. Her ponytail holder, and trademark three barettes are in the shape of a wedge of cheese. However, she has a curl similar to Canada and Italy's, never being able to keep it in her ponytail, or barettes for that matter. She has blue eyes and glasses, similar to her birth fathers, Canada and France. Her poor eyesight comes from Canada. Her uniform is simple enough. She often wears University of Wisconsin (Madison) shirt, with the background being grey. She wears pants. She is mistaken for being a lesbian most of the time, mostly America's fault.


Wisconsin is a head-strong young state, full of spunk and energy, with a revealed I.Q of 146. She is quirky and positive, with a penchant for young men.



Wisconsin is cold towards Alfred, frequently frustrated at him. She is also cold towards him for the Civil War, which she claims he could have stopped at any time, and is angry at him for agreeing with England when he suggested she learn to get along with her citizens by going to a citizen's public school.


Due to the large number of immigrants in Wisconsin, Wisconsin is close to Poland. They met by chance at a My Little Pony convention.


With many people immigranting from Germany, Wisconsin has become good friends with Germany.  Germany and Wisconsin met at a meeting that America forced Wisconsin to go to.


Another person that is friends with Wisconsin because of immigration.  They met when America and England were fighting, and Wisconsin took Englands side in the argumet. 


Canada is Wisconsins father, but have a poor relationship from not getting to see each other that often.


France's situation is a lot like Canada's, but because America forbids Wisconsin to see France but they talk by email alot.

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Hey hey, America, I need some milk,

Hey hey France, Hey France,

I cannot forget the taste of the cheese we had yesterday!

Draw a circle, that's the earth,

Draw a circle, that's the earth,

Illinois is such a douche,

I am Wisconsin!

Ah, the beautiful world around us,

Can be seen from the top of a skyscraper,

I yearn to see Canada-kun again!

I am Wisconsin!