Spratly Islands/China is a fanmade pairing for Hetalia: Axis Powers involving the characters Spratly Islands (Danny Sachs) and China (Wang Yao). This pairing is sometimes referred to as ChinaSprat, a portmanteau of their respective names.

Modern timesEdit

Yao is just one of Danny's many suitors, and they are just one pair in a lover's triangle (or hexagon, as Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Philippines also want him). Furthermore, as he has nine of Danny's children hostage under his "adoptive care," Danny has to do Yao's bidding or else he would nuke his children's houses convert his children's houses into navy bases and destroy their delicate environments.

Factual SpeculationEdit

Danny's many trysts with his claimant nationsare based on the current disputed status of the Spratly Islands among China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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