Cherokee Morning Song "I am of the Great Spirit"

Cherokee Morning Song "I am of the Great Spirit"

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Southern Appalachia is a fan made character for the Hetalia universe. As she is just another fan made character, she does not actually exist in the series. It has been said that her tribe originated here and have since spread into various areas all over the region of America. Aquene, not being so sure as to where she comes from to start out with tends to roam the lands, hoping one day to be able to find her place in the world.

Appearance and Personality:Edit

Aquene is a young female who is estimated to be about 17 or 18 years of age at the time that she is introduced into the series. Her height puts her at about 168 cm or 5'6 and as far as her hair color goes, it is black. Her eyes are an earthy or dark brownish color which goes along with her overall look as a Native American woman. Dressed like a member of a particular tribe, she often comes across as tomboyish but in certain instances she will show her feminine side as well.

Aquene's personality is one that makes her seem like the type of individual that is very calm and collected in nature. At times, she is the type of person who can be considered one of the best people to have as an ally or friend, but one of the least desired kind of enemies. It often takes a lot to get under her skin in the meantime but if she feels that something is not right or something is posing a threat to her sense of well being then she can be quite defensive.


Aquene is known to have exceptional talent when it comes to interacting with the wild animals in her region, which sometimes explains why she will keep a couple birds of prey as pets at times. For as long as she can remember she's been able to deal with them, but it might have originated from somewhere in the region she grew up. Her other hobbies include hunting in the forest, a more leisurely pastime she took up when she was not tending to her duties within the place where she lived of course.

A more recent hobby or two that she has picked up would be competing in some tribal gatherings or at pow-wow type events. She also seems to have an affinity for playing traditional musical instruments or going for horseback rides in her free time. As far as the whole tribal events go, she will sometimes get involved in old style tribal dances, the latter of which she does not mind doing to be honest. Though as of late she has been rather hesitant to do so, with all the things that are negatively impacting the tribe from which she came.