Apearence Edit

south sandwich islands has blond brownish hair with a star shaped curl. She has a sandwich on her head and wears a red stripy scarf

Personality and interests Edit

south sandwich islands (name her sandwich please) is obsessed with sandwiches. She is loyal, sometimes serious and can be a bit of a pest. sandwiches hobbies are ice sculpting, drawing and cuddling her plushie Mister sandwich. She has a pet bird who lives in the sandwich on her head.She can be very quiet and very loud but she is always calm until she goes to a party.her mind is pretty mental.

She's got five brothers:Sealand, England, scotland, Wales and Ireland. Her real name is Elizabeth Kirkland. Wy and Seborga are her besties. She has a cat called nosebleed cat who only appears when she has a nosebleed.

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