looks Edit

South Australia, has long curly messy hair, her eyes open are hazel, and feminine. South Australia is known as Australias "festival state" because of this she is open to any differences in Cauture therefore waiting a cute black dress with a corset at the back and carrying a paintbrush. She is the tallest so far of the Australian states being 6'01, and 73 kg.


personality Edit

South Australia, has a real cheeky but damsel in distress personality. South Australia being one of the younger ones of Australia's children, is very pure and childish, always looking up to the Asian culture.

Relationships Edit


being his daughter, Australia is strong and amazing figure in her eyes. Being in the country, South Australia always fights along her daddy, along with all the other states.


South Australia looks up to the Japanise traditions, always waiting Yukatas to festivals, and nibbling on sushi to fit in with the Japanise cauture. Most of Australia does this, however south Australia does it a lot more. Then any of the others.


like Japan south Australia looks up to there calture.

North korea

No Australian can stand North Korea, South Australia is seen shivering and getting upset, towards North Korea and Turkey.


South Australia always looks up to America as a "sexy beast", and like her daddy fights to protect America, in whatever war he is in.



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