South America.==

South America is a woman with long dirty blond hair reaching her waist, dark skin, Green eyes, and has a body like an hourglass. She thinks her parties are better than her older brother's, North America.

Languages: English, Italian, french, Portuguese, Spanish, and some german.

Age- 27

Children: 11

Height: 190 CM


South America has hour glass body shape, long dirty-blond hair, Green eyes, dark brown skin and looks like a south American queen.


South America loves abuelas traditional food and Coffee, like Venezuela, very kind like Colombia, is quick to anger like Inca empire, hard working like Chile, quiet but strong like Bolivia, loves mate like Argentina, and in her own way, loves partying, and tries to get Chile to join when he has spare time. She has a brother, North America, and she thinks her parties are better than his, but she cares for him. She loves dancing and hates europe, considering her children took over her children for no reason. "Who the f**** did this intro"


North America

She thinks her parties are better than his, but cares from him deeply. They never separated when they were kids , and they stayed stuck and next to each other.


She wishes that Europe was never found, and hates her in numerous reasons. She mostly hates her because of taking over her children, and having spain wipe Inca empire, her precious daughter, out of existence. She hates her for this, and is shown to bully Europe's style of clothing, her shortness, and she can be seen kicking Europe's butt sometimes.


South America wished she never separated from her sister, and she wishes her sister luck, and always stands up for her, and supports her religous beliefs and loves her ever so deeply in sibling way. She wishes her sister a good life, and is proud of Madagascar especially, for fighting Farnce to get independence, and for standing up for being herself, and when she has spare time, she spends time with her sister and her children, whiel her children hang out with Africa's children.

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