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South Africa Hetalia Fanmade Character.

South Africa (Suid Afrika)

A once powerful warrior, South Africa, or Zuma Mahlangu, is free-spirited, enrgetic young man who gets along with everyone. He has no major grudges, except towards England, who forced him to learn English. He gets along with most of his siblings, the other African nations, though he has a futball rivalry with Zimbabwe. South Africa is usually seen holding a Penguin, or with some other African Wildlife.

South Africa is closest to his sisters Ghana and Madagascar, and usually acts as their mentor. South Africa is also an "awake sleeper agent" Who can act friendly at one moment, and very violent the next. He is forbidden from Hanging around Somalia.

South Africa is a member of the B.R.I.C.S. group, aside Brazil Russia, India, and China. He is also in love with Belarus, who he met during a BRICS summit in Cape Town.He is best friends with Brazil and tries to be friends with China because of Sudan.He is not afraid of Russia and even gets along with the Arab Africans, who don't get along well with the Afro Africans.

South likes to give other countries shark diving experiences, but most are scared to. He usually threatens England with sharks.

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