Sophia Jones is a fan-made character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is a representative for the state of Alaska. She is the step-sister of Alfred F. Jones (America), and Matthew Williams (Canada).


Sophia is very short for her age of 23, having a height of only 4'7. She has shoulder-length curly platinum blonde hair. She has violet colored eyes. Sophia's signature outfit is a light tan coat with "fluff" on the wrists and pockets, tan-colored jeans, and black laced-up boots. She also wears a silver heart necklace that is seemingly very important to her for reasons she refuses to tell anyone.


Sophia is quite the intellegent individual although she never really shows it. She tends to keep everything to herself and is very secretive. She may bottle up her anger and then release it some innocent person that has merely startled her. She doesn't exactly trust anyone because of her childhood when she was first admitted to being a state. She only really trusts people that are close to her, and that's not many. She's very quiet, she doesn't speak up much, and is nervous around new people, even though she is rather laid back. She tries to do everything to the best of her ability, but often messes up with unbearably simple tasks and is often ridiculed by Alfred. When you get to know Sophia, she opens up more and is sillier and less "robotic". Her buttons get pushed easily, and she's sometimes violent, mostly lashing out unexpectedly. She might have a warning though; she may utter a small "run" right before she lashes out on her target. She often has mixed feelings about people, to the point of when she is with others, she wants to be alone, and when she is alone, she wants to be with others.

Although Sophia isn't exactly perfect, she is overall a nice friend to have in a time of need.


2p!Sophia is loud. Loud, loud, loud. She always speaks her mind, even if people don't want to hear it, she keeps practically nothing to herself, and she is almost always wearing a scathing look on her face. She doesn't really like people. She doesn't really seem to like anything. It seems no matter what someone does, she is never very impressed. In all reality, she is actually amused at the attempt of what the person is doing to try and make her pleased. She's very manipulative and possibly a little intimidating to the other 2ps, but when she doesn't get her way she will become very violent, striking at unexpected moments to leave the person no time for running or being able to defend themselves.

All in all, 2p!Sophia is a true opposite of 1p!Sophia in many ways. But it's possible they could also be the same in other ways, but you just have to figure out how.


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