Sniland Personified



human name

Tuscani Hayes


Feb 22

hair color

light brown

eye color



152.4 CM

appearance age


languages spoken


Sniland is a fan made character for the anime/manga Hetalia: Axis Power. She represents the micronation of the Sniland. ( Info )


Sniland is a girl, in apperance 14. She has dyed red hair and blue eyes. She wears a white jumper, skirt and tights.


A nice person who loves to have friends but is shy meeting new people. She gets angry and stressed quite easily. She is also anxious a lot. She if very imaginative, encouraging her love of writing and drawing and whatever her "heart and soul" tells her she should do. Can be easily offended yet can simply pass things as a joke aswell.



Australia is Snilands dad. She loves Australia, but pays more attention to other countries more. She finds his government system good and is easy going around him.

Atlantium (micronation)Edit

Atlantium is Snilands older brother but they don't talk often. She admires how organized he is and how famous he is amongst people.

Sealand (micronation)Edit

Sniland thinks Sealand is nice and likes to read on his history. She admires how no matter what, he doesn't give up and how much he has a good attitude. She doesn't talk to him though.

Kingdom of Lovely (Micronation)Edit

She watches his tv shows

Jerapocalpse (micronation)Edit

She and Jera a good friends and hangout a lot. She is baffled about how good he is at using technology. There may be more in the relationship then there seems to be, how ever her brothers Realm Under Freya and Montania don't like him and try to stop them from hanging out. 


Sniland likes England a lot and usually visits him. She loves his magic and his books and his heritage and his culture. She sees him as a grandfather figure and sometimes teases him, but not in a mean manor.

New ZealandEdit

New Zealand is Snilands uncle, but they hardly talk to each other.


Kiki is her pet Kookaburra. She doesn't see him often but sometimes he hangs around.


  • She loves England's books
  • Writes her own books

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