Skyros is a fan=made character for the popular anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is the younger sister of Greece. Her human name is Phoebe Kurpasi.


Phoebe has long, slightly wavy brown hair, that reaches down to her waist. Se is built lightly, and is very slim and slight. Her eyes are blue-green. She is quite tall. Most consider her fairly pretty.


Phoebe is quite athletic, especially enjoying watersports such as swimming, surfing, wind-surfing and diving. She is, however, very good at more intellectual, and especially, creative pass times, being a keen reader, avid artist, excellent writer and surprisingly good at chess.

Personality Phoebe is generally pretty shy, enjoying being alone and thinking. However, she is a good deal louder and more adventurous around her friends. She has never drunk alcohol, despite being of age to. She doesn't get angered very easily, however, is quite spiteful and scary when she does get annoyed. Phoebe tries to get along with everyone, and finds it quite distressing to see her friends fighting.

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