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Sicily シチリア島 (Margoza Vargas) This is my Hetalia OC, representing the autonomous region of Sicily. Hetalia belongs to FUNimation. The picture was made using the Chibi Maker [1], by Gen8 [2]. I don't own anything except for my OC. *Insert more legal stuff here*. Also, please don't add to this page without asking me.

Sicily (Margoza Lilia Vargas) represents the autonomous region of Sicily, and is the younger sister of both N.Italy (Feliciano Vargas) and Romano (Lovino Vargas). As a chibi, she lived in Greece's house, and stayed there for most of her childhood. She hated him to start with, though eventually grew to love him like an older brother. However, when she was a teen, she ran away to Spain's house to join her brother Romano, and live with him and Spain, ending her relationship with Greece. She always felt rather unwanted as a child, mainly due to Romano abandoning her to Greece. In the modern day, she lives with Lovi (Her nickname for Romano) in his home. She is currently between the ages of 18-20, and is known to be a mild alchoholic, with an obsession for citrus fruits, especially oranges. She didn't know N.Italy very well until the 1900s, thinking Greece to be her real older brother. Her closest friend and favourite ruler was Roger II of Sicily, who made her nation one of the wealthiest in the world, ruling from 1105 to 1130 A.D. When he died, she very nearly fell apart. She still remembers him, and hopes for her island to become like that again, one day. In WW2, Sicily was persuaded to join the Allies rather easily.


Sicily has auburn red, slightly curly hair, with a curl on the side, like her brothers'. It reaches her elbows, and is always messy. She is rather small for her age, at 5'2, and skinny. Her uniform consists of a black shirt, red tie and brown military jacket, with denim shorts, knee-high white stockings and brown combat boots. She always carries a pocket-knife, due to the pick-pockets and thugs in the large cities of her island. In the early 1900s, she was directly involved in the mafia, and wore a plain, white dress-shirt, black boots, waistcoat and fedora, and a dark brown trench coat. She always had a gun on her person at this time.


Sicily is a very tsundere character, and believes strongly in protecting her family and those close to her. When embarrased, hurt or scared, she will rattle off some of the most explicit words or insults she knows, much like Romano, and is known to be quite short tempered. For a while, when in the mafia, she was prone to violent mood swings, and has nightmares and flashbacks of her time in the mob often, though she tries to surpress these. She is cheerful and pretty happy most days, though only really comfortable around those she is familliar with.


America-They were very closely associated in the early 1900s, and considered partners in crime, as they were both involved in the Mafia. They were good friends and allies for a long time, and Sicily shared much of her culture with him. Later, in WW2, they were both in the Allies, and Sicily's house served as a base of operations for many of America and Britain's plans.

Britain-They are rather close, as during the Napoleonic wars, Sicily was under Britain's occupation for several years, and almost became one of his colonies, though she took offence to the idea. For a while, during the 1100s, she was much richer than him, and likes to rub it in his face whenever they get into fights.

Greece-Greece was Sicily's closest friend for a long time, and she lived with him for a number of years. For a while, she didn't like him, refusing to speak to him and locking herself in her room. Greece later found out that this was because she still hadn't gotten over being seperated from her big brother, and found a way to work around it. They soon became like siblings, and she still refers to him as her grande fratello* whenever they meet. When she was a teen, she ran away to Spain's house to join Romano, though Greece rubbed off on her and her island's culture a lot.

Romano-Romano is her older brother. When he left for Spain's house, they were seperated, as Greece took control over her small nation. In modern days, Sicily (for the most part) lives in Romano's house. She affectionately refers to him as Lovi.

N.Italy-Like Romano, he is her older brother, though she didn't know him very well as a chibi, and always mistook him, somehow, for Greece, thinking whenever someone refered to her big brother(and they weren't talking about Romano) that they meant Greece instead of Feliciano.

Spain-After living with Greece for most of her life, she moved to Spain's house. She was rather happy there, and now speaks fluent Spanish, though she refused to take part in any of Spain's lessons, and picked it up by herself. Like Greece, many of Spain's cultures rubbed off on her.

Germany-Her relationship with the German is complicated. In the 12th century, Queen Constance, who was the ruler of both Germany and Sicily at the time, united their nations for a while. Before the Allied Forces invaded Sicily, Germany was in control of her island, and she was part of the Axis.

Canada-Canada was one of the main Allied forces invading Sicily during WW2, and in the modern day, though their relationship is not explained in great detail, they seem to be on good terms with each other.


Her Birthday is March 17th, the day she officially joined the Italians.

Her favourite foods include pasta(mainly spaghetti), oranges(or any kind of citrus fruits) and Sicilian wine.

She was very artistic as a child, as well as being very musical. One of her favorite hobbies is painting, and she plays the Organetto(Sicillian accordion) very well.

  • Big brother in Italian.

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