Alessia Bell Vargas

Sicily in her military uniform.

Alessia Vargas Angelo represents the autonomous region of Sicily, as an oc for the anime Axis Powers Hetalia.  


Sicily has the apearace of a young woman, within the age of 17-19. She has light brown eyes and brownish/auburn hair. Her skin is also fairly colored, having an almost oilve tone. 


Sicily is a fiesty young woman, aged by her many years of existance. She is very stubborn to her opinion and does not like to bossed around. She makes the exception though towars her two "older" brothers, Italy and Romano, though. Towards her two brothers, she always shows respect when needed. She's not afraid though to joke around with them and tease when appropraite 


This personification has existed before the start of the Roman Empire. She existed as the personification of a group of natives classified as Sicels, the very people the island was named after. With her were

Tribes of Sicily by 11th century BC

Sicilian tribes (11th Century BCE)

two other personifications as well, Sicani and Elymians. Unlike Prussia and Romano, who maintained thier individuality, Sicani and Elymians later faded into oblivian as the area began to be recognized as Sicily. 

As the area grew to be govern as a Greecian State, Sicily became influenced by Greecian culture, shown by her language (dilect) and archetecture. She began to grow close to Ancient Greece, often refering to her as Mama Greece.  

After the Punic Wars, Sicily was raised by the Roman Empire. She was seen as a major importance to the empire. Similarly to thge Americas, Sicily was used as a grainery for the Romans. There was very little effort to enforce Latin or any other aspects of Roman culture on her. The cultural shifts happened on their own time, with the disperse of trade and contact with people. She often felt like the middle child amonst her brothers, Italy and Romano. She played a major role in the empire, but was only noticed for this accomplishment, along with the use of her island as a military base.

After the fall of Rome, she was soon influenced to Byzentine, Germatic, and Arab presences. This was due to the swapping of hands and infiltrations the island expericanced.

After the Arabs left, Sicily was ruled by the Normans, a group of Franks located in present-day northern France. Underwhich, Sicily was unified with Southern Italy (Naples aka Romano). She was indroduced asspects of new cultures, mostly Frank (French). It was also through this conquest that she met England and France for the first time.

(to be continued....)  

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