Main goal

to solve the mysteries around World Academy W




Hungary (-Former-)
Denmark (-Current-)

Sibuna-Hetalia is a student organization dedicated to solve the conspiracy-or-mystery around World Academy W.It's an obvious parody of Sibuna of House of Anubis.Unlike any other clubs around World Academy W,this club is a secret,so only people could join in if a Sibuna-Hetalia member accidentally blahed about it infront of them,or the figure it out themselves.The club is founded by Hungary a.k.a the chosen one,England and his sister,Liverpool.


The club is dedicated to figuring out the mysteries about World Academy W by sneaking out at night look for clues around the school and performing night-time operations of sneaking out and exploring the school and their boarding house.

Their first main enemy was Japan,who sneaks out at night and look for clues around the school,He also manage to set up booby-traps around the school to slow Sibuna-Hetalia down,that is until they beat him down to it (which is the Book of Isis,that hidden underneath the the bookshelve E-F),It's was revealed by Japan that he was looking for the book,so he could take revenge on the principal for what happened to his brother,Korea (Korea actually droped out because of bullying,and he lied to Japan that he was expeled by the principal,beacuse he doesn't want Japan to be worried).

Their second main enemy was a robed-figure (which scared the the lights out of Liverpool) whoes main goal was to find the mask of Anubis,at the same time,Hungary accidentally released a goshtly figure named Senkhara,whoes also main goal is to find the mask of anubis,so she and Hungary could be in the underworld,It was revealed that the robed-figure was their history teacher: Macau.


To simply put it.Sibuna-Hetalia is an organization of student dedicated to solve the mysteries of the World Academy W.If a person accidentaly knowns Sibuna-Hetalia.He/She must go throught an initiation,which is to find their most favorite possession,burned it in a campfire and must pleged their loyalty to the club,they must also swear not to tell anybody about it (unless accidental or really urgent).The club identifies each other with their right hand covering their right eye and say 'Sibuna'.Meetings during the day are mostly held at a cafetria table (usually they sit away from the crowd so they could discuss about it) or outside the Anubis boadring house, at night it usually takes place at Liverpool/Monaco's boarding Room.


Hungary Leader/Former Leader Favorite Mascot First Semester

Third Semester

Liverpool Second-in-Command A picture of Robert Pattinson First Semester -n/a-
England Third-in-Command Favorite Book First Semester -n/a-
Monaco Initiator A red Queen of Heart First Semester -n/a-
Australia Member Jester's Hat First Semester -n/a-
Busan Member Earrings Second Semester -n/a-



Current Leader 

Hammer Second Semester -n/a-
Seychelles Member Seashell Third Semester -n/a-

Their unoffical members are Sweden,China,India and Spain.


  • They are a parody of Sibuna of House of Anubis

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