Sketch of anime girl drawing by sketchpuppy

Represents: Shetland Isles (Sealtainn Eilean) Age: 24 Gender: Female Birthday: January 18 Hair Color: bright red Eye Color: spring green Height: ??????

Isbell henery o'kyle is a fan made character for the on going series hetalia.she represents shetland isles.


Shetland has bright red hair down to her shoulders and spring green eyes. Her uniform is like englands but with a short plaid green skirt. Her footwear are brown lace up just below knee boots.

Personality and InterestEdit

Shetland has a rather hot temper. She lived with Norway, then england and now with scotland. she is rather emotional. like her brothers she can she magic creatures. She enjoys fishing, farming and drawing , she also loves to sing.

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